Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Nan

My Nan has always been a person who I have admired and looked up to. She would have to one of the most determined, yet selfless people I know. Nan has one of those sense of humours which you might say is not appropriate for someone of her age.... "Stuff that!" she would say to this comment, forever coming out with wise cracks, strong opinions and comments which make you look twice! Ha! I am smiling just thinking about it....

At Christmas last year, I got a bit nosey and started opening lots of cabinets at Nan's and snooped around a bit...Grandchildren can get away with doing this! I came across the most beautiful collection of tea cups & saucers, which blew me away. I cannot wait to get home again soon and put these to good use - I am thinking English Breakfast, scones and some of Nan's famous jam drops!