Friday, 19 August 2011

Unknown Adventures - New Zealand

“only the road knows where it will lead us,
into the horizon it will free us” - unknown

I am super excited about our family holiday to New Zealand in November. The plan is to hire a campervan and drive around the South Island for a week, rancho relaxo style! It will be spring and I have been told by several people that this is an amazing time to visit. I can picture it now; rolling green hills, glaciers (not so spring-ish), picturesque lakes, cups of tea, glasses of wine, bushwalks, beaches, delish food.....ahhh how’s the serenity!

I love the idea of the unknown when on a little holiday adventure, jumping in the car and just seeing where you end up! No plans to get to hotels on time, or trying to find a hotel at at night! No thanks, this will be uber relaxing with the goal of stripping off the city layer, sitting back and getting comfy with mother nature.

I love the sound of this so much I plan to follow up on some other places I have visited or would love to visit and conjure up the ultimate unknown adventure for each! Watch this space…..

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Festival Fever

Ever since listening to Triple J stream acts live from Splendour in the Grass this year I have been reminiscing about some of my fave festival moments. I love the festival vibe, there’s nothing better than donning on your dress, slapping on a bit sunscreen, having a few drinks and dancing with friends!

Some unforgettable festival acts for me;

Goldfrapp - Splendour in the Grass 2003

Dave Matthews Band - East Coast Blues & Roots Festival 2005

Michael Franti - East Coast Blues & Roots Festival 2005

Moby - Splendour in the Grass 2005

Bloc Party - Splendour in the Grass 2005

The Finn Brothers - Homebake 2005

Tool - Big Day Out 2007

Van She - Parklife 2008

Groove Armada - Parklife 2010

Groove Armada - Parklife 2010

Foals - Laneway Festival 2011

Warpaint - Laneway Festival 2011

Would love to hear what are some of your favourite festival moments are?

Monday, 8 August 2011

Select Your Energy

I’ll be honest, last week was tough! A few rough days a work, priorities shifting (without asking me first!), exercise regime falling by the wayside, a healthy diet non existent and moments with my family miniscule.

I was discussing this with a very good friend of mine who told me to take a step back and “select my energy” for the day. Make time for things that are a priority, then everything else will fall into place. This really hit home for me as my priority is our family, making sure my little man and husband (who is currently nursing a broken collar bone) are OK. I also have a commitment to my job, I love what I do, however it was one of those weeks where everything just seemed to be falling on top of me; I couldn’t breathe under a mountain of clients, paperwork, phone calls, emails & meetings! How do you juggle two very important parts of your life making sure everything and everyone is being attended to 100%!?

Yes, it seems that what I am saying is neither too happy nor pretty, however I think the most important thing I have taken from last week, is that we MUST take time to remember what makes us smile and what inspires us, as this will help us get through all of those moments that seem too hard!

So, I have made a promise to myself, that when the little things are getting on top of me, I will take a step back, take a deep breathe, look at what’s in front of me, select how my energy can be best spent and just tackle each day as best I can!

Some images which have set me on a positive path this week…..

Images: 1. In Spaces Between 2. Tropical NSW 3. The Lane 4. Oscar & I 5. In Spaces Between 6. Evan & I on our wedding day 7. Pinterest 8. Pinterest 9. Pinterest 10. Weheartit