Friday, 19 August 2011

Unknown Adventures - New Zealand

“only the road knows where it will lead us,
into the horizon it will free us” - unknown

I am super excited about our family holiday to New Zealand in November. The plan is to hire a campervan and drive around the South Island for a week, rancho relaxo style! It will be spring and I have been told by several people that this is an amazing time to visit. I can picture it now; rolling green hills, glaciers (not so spring-ish), picturesque lakes, cups of tea, glasses of wine, bushwalks, beaches, delish food.....ahhh how’s the serenity!

I love the idea of the unknown when on a little holiday adventure, jumping in the car and just seeing where you end up! No plans to get to hotels on time, or trying to find a hotel at at night! No thanks, this will be uber relaxing with the goal of stripping off the city layer, sitting back and getting comfy with mother nature.

I love the sound of this so much I plan to follow up on some other places I have visited or would love to visit and conjure up the ultimate unknown adventure for each! Watch this space…..

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