Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Fresh Flowers

I love bringing fresh flowers home, once I pop them in a vase and set them somewhere, our house instantly feels fresher, prettier and happier! There’s nothing like heading to the local market and picking which flower type & colour you will go for this week.

So over the weekend I bought my weekly bunches and decided to go for a different tact, inspired by The LANE’s “Whimsical Woodlands” feature styled by Mary & Gabrielle Events & Design and shot by Whitewall Photography & Design I went to work on creating a few arrangements around the house. I am not by any means a florist or stylist but I had a lot of fun choosing which vases I would use and flower heights and colours, A LOT of fun! I really like what I have created, a few vases here, a few vases there, a purple flower here and a white flower there J

Actually I am looking forward to my next project so much, I am wondering how many vases are too much around the house!


  1. Kate I'm so happy to hear you've found inspiration in The LANE for your home! It's great to know that the articles can be used for so many different areas.

    Lovely post!

    Karissa x

  2. Thanks so much Karissa! Time to change the flowers over this weekend, can't wait to play around with all my vases again...Good fun! :)
    Kate x