Saturday, 10 September 2011


My super lovely work mate turned super lovely friend (besties!) recently took herself on a two month adventure gallivanting around Europe! Talk about the trip of a life time, this was something she had been looking forward to for SO long and at work we went through every moment with her;

“The tickets are booked!”

“How much money should I take?!”

“We are going on a yacht around Croatia!”

“We are going to Ibiza!”

“How many pairs of shorts should I take?!”

“I can’t wait to drink Veuve in Paris!”

Then the time came to say goodbye and for lack of better words it was a rollercoaster of emotions for me! Someone I care so much about, who’s company I adore being in was going to be gone for 2 (WHOLE!) months, so I was sad sad sad :( Then on the other I hand I was just brimming with happiness & excitement as the smile she wore about the unknown ahead of her was just the BEST thing anyone could see.

So my bestie :) has been back now for 2 weeks and it has been wonderful to spend time listening to her adventures and what she got up to. Then yesterday she surprised me with the most beautiful gifts!

A ring from a flea market in Portugal.

A necklace from Mykonos made of coloured volcanic rocks, representing love, strength & happiness.

What an amazing thing, someone goes on a life changing adventure and still manages to take time to buy thoughtful, meaningful & beautiful gifts. I consider myself one very lucky gal!

Stories of inspirational friendships are always amazing! Have you got one?


  1. you must be a great bestie to her enjoy your gifts they look beautiful Kate love Selina xxx

  2. What a gorgeous, heart-warming post Kate! Love it... bet she feels just as blessed to have you in her life! xx