Sunday, 1 May 2011


Like thousands of other Australians, we too packed the car (to the brim of course) and headed camping for the Easter break. Getting away for a few days was just what we needed after being very busy moving house, packing, unpacking, sorting and cleaning!! Once the tent and site were set-up, we could breathe a sigh of relief and just enjoy doing absolutely nothing! The most I did was drink lots of cups of tea & coffee, my husband on the other hand enjoyed a few surfs and a bike ride, boys just can't sit still can they?

Another reason we love to get away camping is because our young son has the space and freedom to run, explore, get dirty and "hang" with other kids who love doing just the same. It's the best feeling seeing your child "run free"!

It was a little chilly at night, but nothing a good fire and an even better glass of red wine couldn't subside.....

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  1. Lucky bleeders going camping, I just adore it, primitive luxury, just think how bored the kids Oscar's age were sitting in a fancy apartment overlooking the beach watching dvd's - reminds me of a beautiful book Where The Forest Meets The Sea by Jeannie Baker, collage but says a thousand words, I miss when Rod and I used to go and hang in our caraVAN Morrison at Byron and we always had the kids doing inexpensive but interesting things like camping, running on the beach and just enjoying being a lucky Australian - words of wisdom to you and Evo (wasted words cause you already practice my wise words of parenting "put something in and you will get something out" Amore to you 3 beautiful people (who are giving parenting a very good name) PO