Thursday, 7 July 2011

Winter Nights

Melbournians and I think most of Australia have felt the sharp coolness of Winter over the last couple of weeks and yes, I admit at times it can be little uncomfortable…. However, it got me thinking about the beauty we can see & experience in all seasons, even the ones that can make us squirm a little :) 

Open fireplaces, warm blankets, home cooked meals, red wine, snuggling up with a loved one, coffee, feeling the cool air on your nose… all of these things bring a huge smile to my face!

So, while I am looking forward to the warmer Spring air around the corner, for now I am happy to sit back and take in all that Winter has to offer!


Images via: 1. weheartit 2. weheartit 3. weheartit 4. weheartit 5 & 6. Own photos

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