Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Late last year I (nervously) enrolled in an Interior Design course, it's something I had thought about doing for awhile but it had taken me a bit of time to pluck up the courage to “just go for it!” I have since completed 3 assignments and haven’t looked back! I am so happy I decided to enrol and I have been surprised by my results and how much I am enjoying all the readings, research and assignments. Plus it’s a great excuse to waste spend time on the internet immersed in interior, design and gorgeous blogs!

This regular feature every Wednesday is a place where I am going to share some of the lovely interiors I come across and a place where I can spill out all the ideas running through my head for the “dream home”.

One of the best Christmas presents I received was Sibella Court's book Etcetera. Ever since starting my course I have become obsessed with her images, website, shop and anything I can find on her.... yes obsessed!

How Sibella describes this particular book;

“This book is about slapdash styling and deconstructed decoration solutions. It’s filled with things that inspire me and may in turn excite you or trigger ideas for your own home. My hope is that when you flick through the pages you’ll begin to look at your possessions from a new perspective and be encouraged to confidently reshuffle. Pin, paint, paste, scribble, and organise your interiors so they feel all shiny and new (even if all you love is weathered and old!).”

To guide people through the book Sibella has come up with a series of colour palettes to assist when going in search of little treasures either already around your home and when shopping.

The colour palette that has jumped out at me the most so far (haven’t finished scouring every page yet)! has been Indigo Blues, here are some of my favourite images from Sibella’s collection plus a few from my Indigo Blues Pinterest Board.

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