Monday, 16 January 2012


My first post on Happy, Pretty Things was all about how amazing and beautiful my Nan is and it feels wonderful to have her as the subject on my first Melting Moments post for 2012.

Nan is currently volunteering 1 day a week (every Thursday) for the Westpac Helicopter Op Shop in my home town of Ballina. She loves getting down there every week, chatting with the ladies and sifting through everything that has been dropped off. Nan is always completely surprised with what people give them to sell and is forever eyeing off “the best stuff” before it hits the shelves!

I thought I would take the opportunity while being at home over Christmas to visit her while working to take a look around her workplace, meet some of her friends and perhaps pick a couple of little treasures. Unfortunately they were closed over the holidays; however to my surprise Nan had already put a few things away for me, yippee!

Nan was so sweet when she brought her finds out to me (over a cup of tea of course) and I was so touched that she had thought about my love for mismatched bits & pieces and started to collect for me. Very lucky!

Love my Nan to bits, her thoughtfulness, love, humour and all round good vibe continues to amaze me and I’m very proud to be able to share this moment with you all!


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