Monday, 30 January 2012

MELTING MOMENTS - Our Second Little Ray of Sunshine

I am so thrilled and excited to introduce you all to our second little ray on sunshine due 3rd June, 2012!

Evan and I are both so happy and can’t begin to express how lucky we feel to have been given another chance to welcome a child into this world. We are already so fortunate to have Oscar; our beautiful, crazy, noisy, amazing, inquisitive, adventurous and loving 2 year old and to picture him as a BIG brother is just awesome!

When we first saw our little baby at 12 weeks, the realisation and overwhelming emotion of a second child hit us. Lines like “Can you believe this!?” and “We’re going to have to 2 children!?” got thrown around along with “I am soooooooooo happy!” and “How lucky are we?!”. Fast forward 8 weeks and we went along for our 20 week scan and the baby had already grown 13cm’s….what the! How crazy!

Even though it’s the second time round for us, everything is still blowing us away. The fact that I have a person growing inside of my tummy still manages to baffle me, especially now the little one is becoming bigger and more active. The feeling of him or her (oh yes, we are keeping it a surprise!) rolling about is one of the most amazing and indescribable feelings in the whole world!

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time our ray of sunshine will make it into my Melting Moments posts!

12 weeks - 6cm

20 weeks - 19 cm

Proud big brother

"Baby mumma belly"

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