Monday, 23 January 2012

MELTING MOMENTS - Clementine Willa Jones

One of the best feelings ever? Hearing that two amazing friends have welcomed a gorgeous baby girl into this world! I am so happy to introduce Clementine Willa Jones born on 27th December 2011, weighing 3.3kg to you all.

Bec & Nathan are two very close friends of ours and when I received the message that Clementine had arrived safely I was overwhelmed with happyness, relief, butterflies and excitment! I love Clementine to bits (oh and you too Bec & Nathan) and I am sure you will agree that no one could blame my heart for melting everytime I see her!

Only 10 hours old

Big yawn

Proud Dadda

All snuggled up for her car ride home

Cuddles with Mumma

Cutest burp face ever!


Just chillin'

So peaceful

Evan brushing up on his baby holding skills!

Clementine in her Sunday best

Mumma & Clementine

Images courtesy of; Bec Thomson, Nathan Jones and Antoinette Thomson

1 comment:

  1. Awesome. Great job Kate.

    The Jones's's's love the Coopererers big time too!

    Can't wait for adventures together.